How to motivate people to find more bugs (or to do anything)

Recently I watched this great video on motivation. It caught my eye because from time to time I need to motivate people to help me. Very smart and very busy people. Do you sometimes have to motivate people? And wouldn’t it be nice if people didn’t just help you, but they were motivated to give you their best work?

This video was a pleasant surprise because smack dab in the middle (at 5 minutes) is an example related to software testing. The example is about how Atlassian (you may know them as the makers of Jira) uses a radical method to get their employees to find more and better software bugs and come up with new ideas.

The video talks about autonomy, mastery and contribution. I’m lucky to get opportunities for all of these on my job. It IS a motivating environment, where I try to contribute my skills wherever needed.

How are you motivated? How do you motivate others?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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