iOS7 Phone Bugs Found Almost as Soon as It Was Released

Too bad iphone users has to find these bugs. Why can’t software makers do a better job of testing and uncovering bugs? Is it because their testers don’t think like users or hackers? Is it because they rush to push out the next release?

Regardless of the reason why, here are several iOS 7 bugs that users/hackers found:

User can call whoever he wants, even if the iphone is locked.
Notice how the phone was locked, a number was dialed and then the call button was repeatedly hit to successfully connect a call.

How to get full access to the photogallery without the passcode

This video shows how a user can sidestep the passcode security system and gain access to the photo gallery.

User can’t use the swipe to delete function after updating to iOS 7
The swipe-to-delete function used to work, but now it doesn’t after upgrading to iOS7.

I’ll add to this post as I come across more iOS7 phone bugs.

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