Learning about leveraging Selenium

Today I went to David Dang’s full-day Selenium seminar at QUEST here in Chicago. The first thing he shared with us is that Selenium is NOT a tool; it’s a framework. Within the framework you can use it to automate a variety of software testing tasks. I have several repetitive tasks I need to automate. Letting a computer do simple, mind-numbing tasks will free my attention for other tasks that require attention and analysis.

David also pointed out that, although Selenium is free, really, you pay now or pay later. Since it’s free, you’ll end up paying later by investing in training to get it up and running properly. It’s strictly for automating browser-based testing.

There are several ways to set up your tests: record-and-playback, data-driven, modular, keyword and database. Record-and-playback is an option for doing small, quick tests. One of the limitations of using record-and-playback is you’ll need to use Selenium IDE which is a Firefox plugin. That means only having the ability to test in Firefox, which is a huge limitation.

Selenium RC is an older version of Selenium Webdriver, which takes it out of consideration for me. Why use an older version when there’s a “new and improved” version available?

With Selenium Webdriver, you can bring your own coding language, most likely Java or Ruby. We covered an example of implementation and how to efficiently run multiple test cases at once, among other goodies. There are lots of considerations for setting the tool up properly and avoiding headaches.

I asked David several questions regarding my current automation hopes and dreams and he was very helpful. He gave me some smart approaches to take. Read more about David Dang at his website at www.zenergytechnologies.com

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