Software Bugs in Production 2015: The Year’s Off to a Bug-ridden Start for Mobile

Whether you are using Android or iOS on your mobile devices you’ll probably encounter bugs.

As an Android user, your operating system will be buggy, whether you update or not. Google said they won’t fix the security bugs in Android Jellybean and older. At the same time, Google is taking it’s time getting rolling out Lollipop, v 5.0 for new devices because it’s full of bugs. What’s a Droid user to do? Read more at Android 5.0 Lollipop still hard to find, full of bugs as Google shrugs off security flaws for 60% of its installed base

An top Apple developer is frustrated with he large number of bugs that are going live in the software known for “just working”. Marco Arment, cofounder of Tumblr and creater of Instapaper and Overcast said recently that Apple “runs an OS riddled with embarrassing bugs and fundamental regressions. Just a few years ago, we would have relentlessly made fun of Windows users for these same bugs on their inferior OS, but we can’t talk anymore.” Read more at Apple has lost the functional high ground

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