Software Bugs in Production: Apple iPhone Bugs, Adobe Vulnerability

Top name firms who have tons of testers still go into production with software bugs.

New iPhone security flaw
From The Verge

A security flaw in Apple’s iOS 6.1 lets anyone bypass your iPhone password lock and access your phone app, view or modify contacts, check your voicemail, and look through your photos (by attempting to add a photo to a contact).

Video showing how to bypass the lock on the iPhone 5 iOS6

That defeats the purpose of having a lock on a phone. Apple is working on this vulnerability.

PDF files can be infected with malicious software
From the Sydney Morning Herald

When the victim opens the PDF, a visa application form appears onscreen, and a virus installs a covert communications channel with a remote computer known as a “command and control” server, which hackers use to control infected PCs, said Zheng Bu, senior director of research at FireEye.

Some people think bugs that make it to production means a business needs better testers or processes to find bugs. Apple and Adobe have their pick of testers from around the world. Certainly their software has been challenged by the smartest minds. Certainly they are testing early and often. What if they already have the best testers and best processes?

What can be done to stop bugs from getting in production?
What do you think?

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One thought on “Software Bugs in Production: Apple iPhone Bugs, Adobe Vulnerability

  1. When watching the iOS bug being reproduced I said to myself: What an excellent demonstration of inquisitiveness level I would expect from testers, regardless of application they test. I bookmarked this video.