Your Website Is Broken – This May Be Why

Years ago I sent the client a preview link for his new website I was building. Then I got the phone call every freelancer dreads. He called me saying the site looks bad. I couldn’t believe it. He said it had several different fonts on it. How can that be? I was looking right at it and it looked fine.

Odds are, if you have a website, some of your visitors are seeing a broken website too.

We tracked down the problem. He was using the same browser, IE. The difference was he was using the latest version.The issue was browser compatibility.

It’s amazing the difference a browser or device can make.

Gone are the days when a website can state “This website is best in Internet Explorer”. The competition is just a click away. Visitors will click away to websites they CAN see on their browser and device.

You probably checked your website and it looks fine.
Have you looked at your website on a tablet and on a phone?
How does it look?
Does it still work?

The two big questions are

  1. Which browsers are your visitors using?
  2. Was your site built for those browsers?

Now I test websites and software for a living. We test websites in the following:


  • Win 7 IE7
  • Win 7 IE8
  • Win 7 IE9
  • Win 8 IE10
  • Win Firefox
  • Win Chrome
  • Mac Safari
  • mac Firefox
  • Mac Chrome


  • iPad iOS 5
  • iPad iOS 6
  • Android Tablet


  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 5
  • Android Jellybean Phone

How can you know what your visitors are using to view your site? You can look at your website statistics and they will tell you what your visitors are using to view your site.

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